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I have never driven before. How long will it take for me to learn?

What driving skills will I learn from you?

Who will be my driving instructor?

You're fully booked. What should I do?

How long is my Learner’s Drivers Licence valid for?

Can I drive alone with my Learner's (L) Licence?

Why does ICBC make me wait a whole year after getting my learner's licence before I can go for my road test?

Are there any restrictions associated with a Novice (N) Licence?

I don't speak English very well. Will I have a hard time understanding the driving instructor?

I am teaching my teenager how to drive. Are there any benefits to having them take lessons with you?

How much do you care about your students?

What is your main outcome objective for each lesson?

Why should I care if other people are distracted on the road?

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